Imaging technology has come so far in the last decade but it is

underrepresented in the experience-based economy.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Storibox utilizes AI in its cloud-based editing tools to render templated images without the use of a green screen. The first of many AI-based innovations to come. As with many industries, AI and neural networks will reorder experience imaging as well with current limitations being solved and new opportunities created. Storibox is leaning into AI with a dedicated team of software engineers who specialize in AI and robotics.

Cloud-Based Systems

All content creation is directly uploaded to the cloud at the point of capture allowing for immediate sharing by your customers. This is a different process than what is typically found which is generally image management going first through a local onsite network with images uploaded and available only much later to the user.



AI combined with robotic devices takes content creation to new levels. As 5G high-speed telecom becomes ubiquitous, robotic devices will become highly enabled. In the experience imaging space, this means amazing imagery delivered nearly instantaneously to users.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality combined with onsite content creation allows Storibox virtually unlimited unique content creation that your venues' guests could not otherwise get themselves. AR content adds a playful and dynamic component to experience imaging facilitating new, fun, and authentic experiences.

ANALYTICS copy.png


Storibox’s platform comes with a customizable analytics dashboard to allow you to quickly understand the reach and quantity of your branded content impressions on social platforms and assist in campaign decision-making.