Storibox’s design ethos is about creating unique products and environments

that guests can’t create themselves

Printed Products

Storibox maintains full time world-class graphic designers that not only design new site background templates and collateral materials but also support events and corporate requirements with dynamic one of a kind products.

Zoom Cams

Zoom cams take scenic landscape environments and enable guests to capture an image that offers far more context than a visitor can get with a selfie from their own smartphone.

Pool Cams

Pool cams provide zoo & aquariums with anther non-forced capture imaging experience that is fun for guests and helps communicate the message of conservation.

Sky Cams

A sky cam is an example of a creative camera array for one-of-kind shots with virtually unlimited content creation potential.

Digital Templates

A still digital image is really just a facsimile and does not take advantage of the power of different digital technologies that can enhance a digital file. Storibox uses technology that will take a still digital image and motion to it through computer generated imagery. These files are then stitched together to create far more compelling and likable content


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